Building Management System (BMS)

Very basic definition of building management system is that it monitors, controls the major energy consumption utilities in the buildings. However today BMS has grown into a lot more than that. The basic objective of a building management system:

Scheduling Automatic Scheduling ensures preventive maintenance measures for the equipment. Forces automatic periodic checks on equipment and its intelligent operation.
Comfort Maintains temperature and humidity accurately results in reduced temperature and humidity related complaints from occupants intelligent usage of HVAC based on occupancy level.
Energy Management Active monitoring and intelligent control of all major energy consuming equipment. Detects problems in the early stages - Reduces high maintenance costs. Provides energy consumption reports, intelligent building analytics.
Alarms Pop-up alarm windows. Prioritizes alarms based on severity.
LEES have the ability to carry out maintenance work for BMS system, also test the system and inspect the entire system and ensure that the system works according to the approved sequence of operation.

LEES can assist in selecting the system at the beginning of the project, also can assist in prepare all document for BMS, input output list, Sequence of operation, equipment schematics diagram, DDC’s wiring and riser diagram, to verify its functionality and meet the objectives pursued.

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