Light of the East for Engineering Services (LEES)

Board Statement

While we believe creativity and innovation are essential to business nowadays, old-fashioned values are still fundamental. the customer is king no matter how we look at business, it would not exist without the support of the customers. therefore we need to be humble and respect the needs of our customers.

About LEES

established in 2019, operating company providing solutions and engineering services in HVAC system, and other engineering systems.

Specialized in implementing Testing and Balancing services of HVAC System, by using specialized engineers with latest equipment in the field to completely commission HVAC system and verify its functionality and meet the operation objectives.

LEES provide services in control systems, perform control panel for any system as per customer requirement (Classic Control, Smart Control using the programmable logic controller (PLC)), Also LEES provide services in Building Management System (BMS).

LEES submit a lot of services for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning including Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) of HAVC, sound test, and duct leakage testing of new and existing HVAC systems, all testing and commissioning services are carried out by specialized engineers.

Our dedication to total system commissioning and our close relationships with the engineers and contractors we serve has made it possible for us to provide trouble-free projects. We believe that our responsibilities include more than simply adjusting air flow rates to design quantities, our focus includes the proper setting and commissioning of the controls that operate the entire engineering systems. Total system commissioning performed by LEES Company enables the systems to operate in a manner that meets the engineer's design criteria and pleases the owner.

Our Vision

Provide a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for people at work and houses, also contamination control in sensitive areas.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality workmanship, reliable reporting and customer service to every client. We accomplish this with skilled, certified engineers, who utilize state of the art equipment to maximize the performance and efficiency of all engineering systems.

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