Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Specialized in implementing Testing and Balancing services of HVAC System, by using specialized engineers with latest equipment in the field to completely commission HVAC system and verify its functionality and meet the operation objectives.

Control System

Perform control panel for any system as per customer requirement (Classic Control, Advance Control using the programmable logic controller (PLC)), Also LEES provide services in Building Management System (BMS).


Specialized in pharmaceutical industries and have sufficient experience in the processing and execution of qualification works for all equipment, prepare protocols (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ). Also LEES prepare and qualify As-Built drawing for any system.

Why Air Balancing?

Do you feel a big change in temperature from one room to the next? Are their spots in the house or building that are warmer or colder than others? Air balancing aims to correct these types of airflow issues and evenly distribute temperatures throughout. The process requires testing and modifying an existing HVAC system in order to deliver the optimal flow of air conditioning to every space in the building. Air balancing is an important part of planning large commercial construction projects, but the same principles can easily be applied to individual homes or apartment complexes. In addition to improving the comfort levels during the summer months, air balancing may also help increase the air conditioning system’s efficiency, decrease energy bills and wear on HVAC components.

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